Step up Day

Bike and Downhill Training for Bike Park beginners and light intermediate kids and youngsters. (8+)

This full day instruction course covers all the intermediate skills you need to control your bike with style in any situation!

Control, safety and lots of fun! Here you will learn, in small groups, all the important skills in a playful way so that you can master your bike better!

Our courses at the beginner and slightly advanced level are primarily about playfully teaching techniques that are then necessary and essential when driving on the routes. Our sport is one of the extreme sports, so our courses are NEVER about the meters and altitude meters or the number of routes covered, but about learning essential techniques that can then be built on later in order to complete the bike park routes safely. In contrast to the ski course, the teacher cannot bring the child down with the sticks or bring the children down in the snow plow with help. Braking exercises are therefore a main part of this course. What does rookie mean: A "rookie" is a YOUNG BIKER. It is a common term in trend sports. Contrary to what is often wrongly assumed, the word ROOKIE has nothing to do with "ROCKY" - that's a boxer!

Goal: Practice and consolidate all Bike Park basics, vertical movements on the bike, correct braking, berms, steering technique, steep curves, safely overcoming obstacles, the first small jumping techniques and much more!

The grading will be made according to age and level of the youngsters. 

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday - holiday time

Start: 10:00  to 15:00 hrs

Minimum age: 8 years

Maximum age: 14 years
Bike Park Leogang
10. May - 03. November 2024
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
10:00 O'clock