Tresterer visit

Visit of the Tresterer in the museum / mulled wine stand of the Rotarians in front of the museum for a good cause.

Tresterer are in Salzburg Pinzgau (in Bruck, Saalfelden, Stuhlfelden, Zell am See, Unken) and in the city of Salzburg native Schönperchten, which are acting and dancing figures of Bavarian-Austrian alpine customs.

The custom of the Trester has been documented since 1841 and takes place mainly in the Pinzgau region.

The dance of the Schönperchten promises rich harvest blessings, fertility, luck and health for the farming families. That's why the maresters are always welcome by the farmers. Before the Perchten move on to the next farm, they are invited by the families for a snack. Then they disappear again in the darkness of the winter night. Translated with (free version)
Museum Schloss Ritzen
21. December 2023
16:00 O'clock
Duration: 2 Hours