TONspur trifft SCHIspur with Schlagertherapie

"Singing makes you happy – happy people sing." (Brigitte Gansch)

Whether in the Vienna Konzerthaus, in the Oval in Salzburg or on the TONspur stage on the Asitz, the "Schlager therapists" prove again and again how right Brigitte Gansch was, the sister of Thomas Gansch and co-founder of "Schlagertherapie", who sadly died all too early. This year, with their Christmas programme they present hits from times gone by, with Christmas as the theme and wonderfully kitschily performed by the four terrific musicians. "Thomas Gansch and Leonhard Paul ... enthrall in unison with their instrumental virtuosity and an impressive talent for imitation in the voice." (Salzburger Nachrichten, 3.5.2019). The powerful-voiced tenor Sebastian Fuchsberger and the keyboard virtuoso Michael Hornek complete the quartet, together they present a Christmas concert that above all makes you happy; especially appreciated in times like these.

Thomas Gansch – trumpet, flugelhorn, melodica, vocals
Sebastian Fuchsberger – vocals, trombone
Leonhard Paul – trombone, bass trumpet, melodica, vocals
Michael Hornek – piano, vocals
12. December 2024
20:00 O'clock