TONspur concert III - Lila House

"Singing and playing stringed instruments, the greatest friends of human life." (Goethe)

"Lila House is Heidelore Wallisch-Schauer, known as an early music specialist on both the dulcimer and the salterio (a baroque box zither), and Thomas Wallisch-Schauer on electric guitar and vocals. The duo mixes a refreshing musical cocktail with a repertoire that ranges from extremely tricky samba rhythms to heartfelt blues ballads, which the two interpret with plenty of empathy. There is something irresistible about the unorthodox combination of the instruments, the electric guitar and the floating sound of the acoustic dulcimer. It doesn't get more virtuosic than this" is how the concert in Studio 2 of the Wiener Funkhaus was announced on 25.6.2023.
With "OIS ODA NIX" they present a programme beyond all questions of genre - a perfect mix with jazz guitarist Thomas Wallisch balancing dulcimerist Heidelore Schauer musically, with two sources of improvised music uniting in a captivating musical space (in the “lila Haus”).

Heidelore Schauer-Wallisch – dulcimer, salterio, vocals
Thomas Wallisch-Schauer – electric guitar, bass, vocals
TONspur Bühne am Asitz
25. July 2024
19:30 O'clock
Hütten 39
5771 Leogang