TONspur concert I - Tanzgeiger & Pfiifestier & Kraxenbacher Bläser

“Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories. The longer a song has existed in our lives, the more memories we link to it.” (Stevie Wonder)

The TONspur 2022 Summer opening concert is dedicated to Alpine tradition. The Appenzeller Doppelquintett Pfiifestier, the Kraxenbacher Bläser from Pinzgau, and the Tanzgeiger from Vienna and Lower Austria build a musical bridge spanning from the West Alps, through Pinzgau as its “golden centre” and continuing to the foothills of the East Alps. The musicians represent the folk music and folk culture of their respective regions, guaranteeing a programme of top quality music that is rich in variety. Following the death of their artistic director and Prímás Rudi Pietsch in 2020, the Tanzgeiger formed a new ensemble, though unchanged in instrumentation, combining “a commitment to their own musical roots, attentiveness to the new and the desire to transcend boundaries” (homepage)

The Pfiifestier are 10 “upright men” from East Switzerland with yodelling songs local to Appenzell, sometimes employing jingles and bells in their accompaniment.
The Kraxenbacher Bläser, 4 talented brass players from the lower Saalach Valley, are masters in brass playing, going way beyond the perfect performance of a 2 or 4 part melody requiring absolute harmony between the musicians. To put it another way, highly polished brass.


Die Tanzgeiger: Johanna Kugler – violin
Theresa Aigner – violin
Michael Gmasz – viola
Sebastian Rastl – double bass
Marie-Theres Stickler – button accordion
Dieter Schickbichler – trombone
Claus Huber – trumpet, Flügelhorn

Martin Fuchs, Andreas Fuster, Marcel Koller, Philipp Haas, Manuel Streule, Stefan Koller, Dominik Inauen, N.N.
Kraxenbacher Bläser: Simon Haitzmann – Flügelhorn
Sebastian Hagn – Flügelhorn
Manuel Haitzmann – trombone, bass Flügelhorn
Rupert Fernsebner – tuba
TONspur Bühne am Asitz
Hütten 39
5771 Leogang

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