TONspur concert I - Landstreich plus

“One should try and hear at least one little song every day,… and if at all possible, speak a few sensible words.” (Goethe)

 “Die Landstreich” was a musical cabaret combo that grew out of a student folk music band. Back then, the group still went under the name “Steirische Landstreich”, and was made up of 5 Styrian musicians. It was their aim to be able to avoid part-time jobs such as restaurant work, selling Christmas trees, and annoying summer jobs by performing entertaining music at all sorts of events.

They brought out their debut album in 1995 and from 1997, Gerhard Draxler, Edith Zimmermann and Christof Spörk worked rather more seriously, collaborating with the (at that time still unknown) Polish street musician and phenomenal accordionist Krzysztof Dobrek and the trombonist Leonhard Paul (today “Mnozil Brass”). Their final transformation into the stage band “Die Landstreich” didn’t happen until 1998, a quartet ensemble, bringing out the CDs "Spenden Sie" (1999) und "Stau" (2001).

Artistically they found themselves somewhere between 3-voice satirical song including texts written by Christof Spörk, and sophisticated mid-east European compositions by Krzysztof Dobrek.
At the start of 2005, they announced an official “break” and the members of the band (Krzysztof Dobrekt, Christof Spörk, Edith Zimmermann and Gerhard Draxler) went their various ways.
In 2015 the 4 “Landstreicher” decided to give a few revival concerts in April 2016. One year later, after a break of 11 years, the legendary music cabaret formation “Landstreich” celebrated with a “temporary revival tour”, including performing at the opening of the Wiener Festwochen. In June 2017, “Landstreich plus” gave one exclusive concert in each province. The Polish-Viennese world-renowned accordionist Krzysztof Dobrek, the neo-Burgenland music cabaret artist Christof Spörk, and Gerhard Draxler (a Kolkhoz farmer as his main job) return to their roots, finding further strength in with the amazing Viennese violinist and singer Johanna Kugler (who made her mark in the TONspuren series back in 2009 with the fantastic women-power string quartet “Netnakisum”). The programme: the best songs from the “Landstreich” time plus entertaining sketches and new gems from the Dobrek-Spörk text and music workshop.

Christof Spörk – Clarinet, voice  
Krzysztof Dobrek – Accordion, voice 
Gerhard Draxler – Double bass, voice 
Johanna Kugler – Violin, voice
TONspur Bühne am Asitz
29. June 2023
Hütten 39
5771 Leogang