The End

"Why do you mourn"

Sweden, Norway

Sofia Jernberg - voice
Kjetil Moster - clarinet, tenor sax, electronics
Mats Gustafsson - flutes, baritone sax, live electronics
Anders Hana - baritone, bass guitar, langeleik
Børge Fjordheim - drums

“Allt Är Intet” (“Everything is nothing”), is the title of the new album by The End, the definitive Scandinavian band featuring vocal power-house Sofia Jernberg, saxophonists Mats Gustafsson and Kjetil Møster, guitar-playing grindcore drummer Ander Hana and improv rock drummer Børge Fjordheim (Cloroform). “Industrial Grindcore Free Jazz meets Sing & Noise Hardcore Folk aesthetics”, as the band themselves writes. “THE END is an attempt to use all of these experiences and melt them together into something new and creative,” says Gustafsson. “Something of deeper poetic beauty and harsh brutality.” No end in sight.
Congress Saalfelden
23. August 2024
23:30 O'clock
Duration: 1 Hour
Stadtplatz 2
5760 Saalfelden