Spiritual Unity hosted by Lukas Kranzelbinder

Austria, France, Denmark, Germany

Lukas Kranzelbinder – bass
Delphine Joussein – flute
Marcela Lucatelli – voice
Teis Semey – guitar
Oli Steidle - drums

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization”, said Mahatma Gandhi. The spiritual leader and teacher would most likely have enjoyed the "Spiritual Unity" session that bassist and “Shake Stew”-universalist Lukas Kranzelbinder has been leading for several years on Sunday evenings at the end of each Saalfelden Jazzfestival. And although you hardly know who from the large pool of festival musicians will come and play (what), one thing is guaranteed: a prime example of unity in diversity.
Kunsthaus Nexus
25. August 2024
22:00 O'clock
Duration: 105 Minutes
Am Postplatz 1
5760 Saalfelden