Seer "STAD TOUR 2023"

In 2023, the SEER will once again give exclusive and selected concerts in a small setting under the motto "STAD" - "unplugged"! STAD stands on the one hand for the type of performance in which the musical and vocal quality of the 8 musicians is in the foreground without great technical effort and on the other hand for the uniqueness of the programme composition. The audience can look forward to atmospheric songs, cheerful, humorous and the great SEER ballads as a prelude to the upcoming "silent time".
Tickets: Congress Saalfelden 0682 / 76 700-66, Raiffeisenbank Saalfelden 06582 / 72 21 80, all Raiffeisen banks, all OETICKET ticket agencies, online or directly at SCHRÖDER KONZERTE 0732 / 22 15 23
Congress Saalfelden
15. December 2023
20:00 O'clock
Duration: 3 Hours