Monika Roscher Bigband

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“Witchy Activities And The Maple Death”

Flo Räpke - trumpet
Angela Avetisyan - trumpet
Matthias Lindermayr - trumpet
John-Dennis Renken - trumpet

Fabius Mey - trombone
Marie Kuhar - trombone
Christine Harris - trombone
Jakob Grimm - trombone

Julian Schunter - saxophone
Jan Kiesewetter - saxophone
Jasmin Gundermann - saxophone
Michael Schreiber - saxophone
Sebastian Nagler - saxophone

Tom Friedrich - drums
Victor Alcantara - piano
Ferdinand Roscher - bass
Patrick Bethke El - sounds
Monika Roscher – guitar, vocals, arrangements

The Monika Roscher Bigband feels at home in musical border areas with its wild reinterpretation of the classical large ensemble. A prog big band between math jazz, avant-pop and electronica. The band, a wild 18-piece collective of virtuoso individualists that has grown together over many years, celebrates musical freedom, challenge and mutual inspiration at each of their rousing concerts.
The new, third album "Witchy Activities And The Maple Death" makes it clear once again
how modern and exciting a big band can sound. Far off the beaten track
paths, the band manages an extraordinary balancing act between fragile
inwardness and symphonic grandeur, exploring the possibilities of the big band as an ensemble
across all genre boundaries.

Day ticket 3 days Jazz: VVK 44,- Euro, AK 49,- per person and day
Kunsthaus Nexus
Am Postplatz 1
5760 Saalfelden