Lucatelli / Pilgaard / Vestergaard



Marcela Lucatelli - voice, violin, objects and electronics 
Lars Bech Pilgaard - electric guitar, keyboards and electronics 
Anders Vestergaard - drums and percussion

The name of this project by Brazilian-born, Danish expat Marcela Lucatelli may sound romantic, but it refers to a practice of black magic: through necromancy, one can see into the future through contact with the deceased. With drums, guitar, effects and the "inhumanly human" vocal sounds of last year's winner of the Danish Music Awards Jazz, the trio digs a tunnel from the ancestors to future generations via ritual Yoruba chants and terribly beautiful improvisations in Portuguese. According to the band’s info, it sounds like: "Noise rock and free jazz with a subtle hooligan attitude."
Otto Gruber Halle
24. August 2024
14:00 O'clock
Duration: 1 Hour
Mittergasse 18
5760 Saalfelden