Leonhardiritt Leogang

St. Leonhard and St. Barbara are depicted during the Leogang Leonhard Ride. Leonhard was originally regarded as the patron saint of those in chains, i.e. prisoners; after the Reformation he became the patron saint of domestic animals because the chains with which he was depicted were interpreted as cattle chains.
Barbara is one of the Fourteen Helpers in Need, and her behaviour in the face of persecution and death is regarded as a symbol of fortitude and steadfastness in faith. This is indicated by her depiction with her attribute, the tower of steadfastness. Barbara is the patron saint of miners and thus has a special place in Leogang's mining past.
Being at the Leonhardiritt in Leogang is something special for every rider and every visitor.

In Leogang, tradition is deliberately lived and ridden on St. Leonhard's day of honour on 6 November.

The atmosphere is just as special as it was 70 years ago when a handful of farmers and miners took part in this ride on St. Leonhard's Day.
01.30 p.m. Formation of the Leonhardi procession with presentation of the Leonhardi horse ribbons in Sonnrain
02.00 p.m. Departure of the procession
02.30 p.m. Horse blessing at the cemetery car park
06. November 2024
13:30 O'clock
5771 Leogang