Klangkombinat Kalksburg: City Stage - Jazzfestival 2014

This event has already taken place.

Heinz Ditsch - accordion, singing foxtail, vocals
Oskar Aichinger - piano, vocals
Thomas Berghammer - trumpet, vocals
Vincenz Wizlsperger vocals, euphonium
Viola Falb - saxophones, clarinets, vocals
Christian Gonsior - saxophone, vocals
Clemens Hofer - trombone, vocals
Hannes Enzlberger - bass, vocals
Paul Skrepek drums – vocals

Klangkombinat Kalksburg is a musical collective indebted to the principles of equality and fraternity. The ensemble also gives members of the band Kollegium Kalksburg an outlet to cultivate their treasure trove of songs. All people involved in this ensemble express themselves creatively by arranging music, penning lyrics, and composing. All the resulting polychromatic and largely unstructured bodies of music are directly culled from everyday life. This artistic venture is bolstered by the mostly untrained voices of no less than five band members. In 2013, the ensemble started to tread new paths by focusing on works by Ernst Kölz and other artists of the avant-garde Vienna Group, such as poet H. C. Artmann and writer and composer Gerhard Rühm. In addition, band members have also performed their own compositions. The outcome is forever unpredictable.
Town Hall Square Saalfelden
Day of Event
Mittergasse 21a
5760 Saalfelden

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