Ignaz Schick - turntables, sampler, pitch shifter/looper
Oliver Steidle - drums, percussion, sampler, live-electronics

For eleven years and three ILOGs, turntablist and sound artist Ignaz Schick and drummer Oliver Steidle have been multilayering their noisy polyrhythms from the Berlin underground to the wider world. It “draws inspiration from jazz, improvisation, noise and electro-acoustic music but at the same time postulates a new form of abstracted avant beat which clearly pays tribute to hip hop, dubstep, house or any other form of deep and cosmic groove“, writes Schick, who has worked with Don Cherry, George Lewis and Paul Lovens in addition to hiw work with Steidle, who is also appearing as the leader of the Killing Popes in Saalfelden. “Still the music you hear is performed in real time with no pre- or post studio production.”
23. August 2024
20:00 O'clock
Duration: 1 Hour
Ramseiderstraße 5
5760 Saalfelden am Steinernern Meer