Grencsó Collective Special 5 & Ken Vandermark "Do not slam the Door!"

Hungary, USA

István Grencsó – tenor & alto sax, clarinet, flute
Ken Vandermark – tenor sax, clarinet
Stevan Kovács Tickmayer – piano, electronics
Róbert Benkő – double bass
Ernő Hock – double bass, bass guitar
Szilveszter Miklós – drums

When two tenor titans such as Hungarian avant-garde pioneer István Grencsó and Chicago stalwart Ken Vandermark meet, they have plenty of ideas to work on. Alternating between strict composition and spontaneous improvisation, they produce powerful brass sets as well as delicate elegies evocative of chamber music. Two double basses support the saxophonists’ free-flowing music-making.

Tickets are available at the tourist office Saalfelden, via or, or by phone +43 / (0) 6582/70660.
17.Jan.20 - 17.Jan.20
Kunsthaus Nexus
Am Postplatz 1
5760 Saalfelden

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