Christoph Dunajski - Die Kraft des Unterbewusstseins

95% of your daily life - your thoughts, feelings and behaviours - are scientifically proven to be completely unconscious.

You can experience these thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a positive or negative way. Depending on how your subconscious is aligned, you will experience the quality of these thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
In the lecture you will learn how to use the infinite power of your subconscious mind to rewire negative thoughts and transform them into positive ones.

How you can completely transform and finally let go of disturbing behaviours, habits, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

How to harness the power of your thoughts and subconscious mind for a life of happiness and joy.

Are you interested in how you can channel the power of your subconscious - one of the strongest forces at work in us humans - in an optimal direction? What techniques do you use to achieve this? Which factors play the most important role?

You will receive the answers to these questions as well as further impressive information and techniques in the lecture:

"The power of the subconscious mind - How thoughts create our reality"

In addition, you will experience in an amazing way how your thoughts work in your body. You will also see how a participant from the audience is hypnotised live.
Completely free bonus at the lecture: 3-hour video course with unique tips and techniques on the lecture topic.

Advance tickets are available either online at or at all Raiffeisen banks, Libro branches, tobacconists and all Ö-Ticket sales points.

Tickets are also available at the box office (subject to availability). Limited number of participants


Ticket - advance booking: € 25
box office: 30 €

The power of the subconscious
How thoughts create our reality
Congress Saalfelden
24. October 2024
19:30 O'clock
Duration: 3 Hours
Stadtplatz 2
5760 Saalfelden