Chamber music in Hütten

On three consecutive days, the Cultural Club FREIRAUM, in cooperation with the Bergbau- & Gotikmuseum Leogang, offers lovers (not only) of old music the finest listening pleasure in chamber music ensembles in a great ambience - the concerts take place in the Thurnhaus of the Mining and Gothic Museum, in the show mine and in the St. Anna Knappenkapelle in the district of Hütten.

Kulturverein FreiRaum Leogang in cooperation with the Mining and Gothic Museum Leogang

Idea / programming / organization: Anni Haitzmann
Bergbau- und Gotikmuseum Leogang
03. November - 05. November 2023
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Duration: 1 Hour
Hütten 10
5771 Leogang