Bonbon Flamme

France, Belgium, Portugal

Valentin Ceccaldi - cello
Fulco Ottervanger - piano, keyboard, voice 
Luis Lopes - guitar 
Étienne Ziemniak - drums, voice

Once upon a time, when you scrolled through the frequencies with your radio dial, the random cocktail of stations would sometimes produce a completely new mix: from a bassline on jazz radio via classical music to foreign-language politics or poetry, a little further to the left there might have been punk, rock, fusion, a sports-broadcast or the white noise between stations. Back and forth and back again. The anything but random and yet improvised genre mixture of this Franco-Belgian-Portuguese quartet around cellist Valentin Ceccaldi works in a similar way. You can hear it as “a kind of a self-portrait, with four voices, pulverising references then recomposing them with bright colors and a commitment of body and spirit cherished by the four builders."
Kunsthaus Nexus
22. August 2024
20:00 O'clock
Duration: 1 Hour
Am Postplatz 1
5760 Saalfelden