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Müllerfuchs Runde

This hike leads from the center of Leogang to a wooden fox's head built into the mountain, which derives from the legend "Der Müllerfuchs vom Gerstboden".

The legend of the "Müllerfuchs vom Gerstboden"

The legend has it that not so long ago a fox caused trouble around the Lenzing area. It was the soul of a godless miller who, as a fox, found no peace. "If I am to become something after death, I would most of all like to be a fox!", the miller blasphemed in the traditional saga.

And that's the way it should be. After the sudden death of the miller, night after night a fox was on his way between Wiesersberg and Lenzing and he was up to mischief. He terrified the people with his howl until it finally rang 4 o'clock and the nightly haunting came to an end. After a few weeks of restlessness and fear, the hunters wanted to ambush the fox, but he was able to flee.


Only when the miller's wife made a pilgrimage to Maria Kirchental, his soul was freed and the fox disappeared.

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