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Eiserne Hand Extrem

From the valley station of the Leogang Bergbahn cable car you can cycle along the path going mostly slightly uphill towards Hochfilzen. From there you can go on to the Eiserne Hand guesthouse and via the Burgeralm mountain pasture to the Spielberghaus. The descent to Saalbach can then be made via the forest road. For enduro lovers there is the chance to go downhill through the alternative 'Infernal Trail'. Then it gets a bit easier with the Kohlmaisbahn cable car taking you up the mountain (Löwen Alpin Card essential) and onto the Big 5 Trail, which leads to the Wildenkarhütte hut. The way back to Leogang goes right past the Schönleitenhütte hut and along the Schönleitentrail. The way down from the mountain station on the Asitz to the valley can be made via Hangman I, II or the forest road.

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