The Saalfelden Jazz Festival receives German Brand Award 2021

Wednesday, 16.06.2021

The Saalfelden Jazz Festival receives German Brand Award 2021

The Jazz Festival Saalfelden is one of the winners of the coveted German Brand Award 2021!

On 10 June, this year's German Brand Award 2021 was presented at the first virtual award ceremony and interactive German Brand Convention with an exclusive stage show above the roofs of Frankfurt. The organisers of the Saalfelden International Jazz Festival can also rejoice. With its visual leitmotif from 2019, the festival is one of the winners in the category "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation" and receives the distinction "Special Mention" for special aspects in brand management.

In 2019, the Jazz Festival Saalfelden built a bridge to the future with many innovations. For its 40th anniversary, the entire festival was redesigned: the large-scale event was expanded by several stages and extended to more than 80 concerts. The entire advertising presence was also revised with the renowned agency Rahofer. "Interaction and 40th anniversary" was the idea behind the 2019 visual leitmotif, which has now been awarded a prize. The story around the sound creatures that emerged from the Sounds of Saalfelden reached its dramaturgical climax in 2019. The sound creatures began to interact with each other - creating new sound worlds that manifested themselves in surprising forms. A metaphor for experimentation and the new, which has characterised the Saalfelden Jazz Festival for more than 40 years now.

There is great joy about the German Brand Award 2021! Daniela Neumayer, producer of the Jazzfestival Saalfelden: "The German Brand Award 2021 is a very special award for us. It is a recognition for our courage, our visions and the joy of our work."

About the German Brand Award
The German Brand Award 2021 is divided into two disciplines: "Excellent Brands" rewards the best product and corporate brands in an industry. "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation" honours the strongest campaigns, concepts and strategies of individual disciplines. For special aspects in brand management, the jury awards the title "Special Mention". With 1134 submissions from 17 countries, the 2021 German Brand Award achieved a great international response. 

The submissions are evaluated according to the criteria of independence and brand typicity, brand distinctiveness, differentiation from the competition and target group relevance. Brand management should take into account aspects such as sustainability, degree of innovation, continuity and future viability. Factors such as the design quality of the brand presence, the homogeneity of the brand experience and the economic success also play a decisive role in the judging process. The jury is made up of independent, interdisciplinary experts from companies, science, consulting, services and agencies.