Digital detox in Saalfelden Leogang

Tuesday, 23.04.2024

Digital detox in Saalfelden Leogang

Offline holidays, wild places and a safari in the mountains

What many people urgently need is a holiday from their mobile phones. To be unavailable for a while, no emails, no social media. Saalfelden Leogang in the heart of the Pinzgau region is a place where you can relax offline and focus on the essentials. Surrounded by the Steinernes Meer and the Leoganger Steinberge mountains, there are many opportunities here to find yourself in the beautiful natural surroundings.


Mobile phone off: Digital detox in the forest and mountains
Digital detox in the mountains starts quite simply: between the imposing peaks of the Steinernes Meer and the Leoganger Steinberge mountains, mobile phone reception is not always easy. This is a good basic prerequisite for freeing yourself from everyday constraints and accepting being offline. On a multi-day hike from hut to hut, for example, you can recharge your batteries, experience hospitality and store very special views in your memories. For example, from the extraordinary summit crosses on the Schönfeldspitze and the Persailhorn. 

Another way to really switch off is the new "forest bathing at Asitz" hiking trail, which will open in early summer 2024. Over 8.2 kilometres, 14 stations - viewpoints, resting places, natural swings, a yoga area and a treetop bed - await you to linger, meditate and relax. The aim of forest bathing, which originated in Japan, is to slow down in nature and let go of stress. This is how mindful hiking works.


Wild Places: Climate hike to the Birnbach Glacier, on the Vitality Trail to the waterfall
A hike that you can do anywhere around Saalfelden Leogang is the perfect way to clear your head. One recommendation is the "Nature & Climate in Transition" hike to the Birnbachloch natural monument and the Birnbach Glacier, the lowest glacier in Central Europe. At the end of the 19th century, ice was extracted here for the Munich breweries, transported down wooden chutes into the valley and onwards by railway to Munich and the surrounding area. This guided tour shows the changes in nature, stimulates discussion, but also gives hope. A hike in the Stoissengraben promises a breathtaking view: A magnificent waterfall awaits at the end of the wide gorge that runs deep through the rock. The Stoissengraben is considered a regenerating vitality trail. The last section of the path to the waterfall is only suitable for experienced and sure-footed hikers.

A digital detox in Saalfelden Leogang can also be combined with action. For example, on two wheels down the unspoilt single trail Forsthof-Trail. The trail through the dense forest with its impressive rock formations gives you the feeling of travelling through Middle-earth. 


Safari in the mountains: first observe wild animals and then reward yourself with the "best Kaiserschmarrn"
If you have to take your mobile phone with you on holiday, then you should only use it to take photos. There are numerous opportunities to do this on a "safari in the mountains": for example, a family hike in Salzburg's oldest beaver reserve takes you on the trail of rodents. There are nibbled trees, dammed streams and trails in the dense riverside vegetation to discover.

A very enjoyable tip is the wildlife and Kaiserschmarrn tour in Saalfelden Leogang. Firstly, marmots, chamois, eagles and falcons can be observed with binoculars on a relaxed and exciting circular hike on the Spielbergalm. On the way back, stop off at the Lindlalm and savour the "best Kaiserschmarrn in the world" - called "Almwuzl" here. By the time you've had your first bite, you'll forget your mobile phone for good and switch to offline mode in your head.