38th International Jazz Festival Saalfelden

Friday, 03.03.2017

38th International Jazz Festival Saalfelden

Saalfelden Jazz Festival and Rahofer present a new visual leitmotif.
The Jazz Festival Saalfelden will take place from August 24 to 27, 2017. We are delighted to present to you the 2017 visual leitmotif as well as the opening act, for which, as in previous years, artistic directors Michaela Mayer and Mario Steidl from “Verein Zentrum Zeitgenössische Musik – Kunsthaus Nexus” have chosen an Austrian musician. Gerald Preinfalk will officially open the Jazz Festival on Friday, August 25, on the Main Stage. There are two additional performances we want to let you know about: Jazzman Wolfgang Puschnig will be presenting his brand-new combo on the Main Stage. And in the Kunsthaus Nexus, the sensational bassist Manu Mayr will perform solo as part of the experimental Shortcuts series. Headed by managing director Marco Pointner, the Saalfelden Tourism Board will handle the administration and finances of the festival. Cultural manager Daniela Neumayer will assure that operations run smoothly.
The idea behind this year’s visual leitmotif: Transformation

This year's performance by the Jazz Festival Saalfelden 2017 - which will once again be promoted by the Rahofer advertising agency - features Transformation as its guiding principle. The unique soundscapes of RRRG, ZOXX, PHNU and NNMA have emerged from The Sounds of Saalfelden. Whether extroverted, serene, inquisitive or restrained, each of these sound concepts is distinctive, reflecting the characteristic diversity of Jazz itself. The artists draw these sounds in and transform them into brand-new Sounds of Saalfelden, appropriate to their respective character and style.
Sponsors & Supporters
We would not be able to stage the festival without the support of all our loyal partners. Special thanks go to our sponsors including Zipfer, Raiffeisen, ÖBB, Volvo, and our many other partners as well as our public sponsors from federal, state, and local institutions.
Tickets are already on sale
Tickets have already gone on sale. Book your tickets by phone at +43 (0) 6582/70660. Discounts are available for Raiffeisen and Ö1 Club members and holders of the ÖBB-Vorteilscard and AK Card.
Online Shop: http://www.jazzsaalfelden.com/en/tickets/buy-tickets-online/
Jazz package
Visitors may also book their jazz tickets and accommodation as a package. To find out more, go to: http://www.saalfelden-leogang.com/en/accommodation/package-deals/summer-2017/package-deal-for-the-38-jazzfestival-saalfelden/
Marco Pointner, Saalfelden Tourism Board,
phone: +43(0)6582/70660, info@saalfelden-leogang.at
Artistic directors:
Michaela Mayer, Mario Steidl, Verein Zentrum Zeitgenössische Musik - Kunsthaus Nexus,
phone: +43(0)6582/74963, mario.steidl@jazzsaalfelden.at
Daniela Neumayer,
phone: +43 (0)699/11109362, daniela.neumayer@saalfelden-leogang.at
Press relations:
Selina Hörl,
phone: +43(0)664/8198562, presse@saalfelden-leogang.at
For more information, go to: www.jazzsaalfelden.com


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