10th Nostalgia Ski World Championships Leogang

Monday, 15.01.2024

10th Nostalgia Ski World Championships Leogang

150 participants from five nations demonstrated their skills on the "old skis"

From 13 to 14 January, Saalfelden Leogang and the "Leogang ANNO 1900" association hosted the Nostalgia Ski World Championships for the tenth time and around 150 ski artists from five nations provided exciting races and spectacular rides on skis up to 100 years old. 

In fantastic conditions, the participants in Saalfelden Leogang had to complete two different competitions as quickly as possible - and of course without any mistakes - in order to be celebrated as world champions at the end. 
The programme kicked off with the long-distance run on the Asitz, a particularly impressive race that only takes place in Leogang. Equipped with simple wooden skis - some even without edges - leather lace-up boots and a long pole for braking, the daring nostalgics raced down the 2.5 kilometre route from the middle station on the Asitz into the valley. The next day, a no less challenging competition awaited at the Schanteilift with the Torlauf. Just like the ski pros of yesteryear, the participants had to conquer a giant slalom, peppered with two treacherous camel humps at the end, in order to be celebrated by the numerous spectators at the finish. 
The most original racers competed in the "Ski Pioneers" category. They were only allowed to use equipment manufactured before 1940. The participants in the "Kandahar" category had it a little easier. Their equipment was built up until 1965 and the skis were already fitted with simple steel edges. And in the third, the retro category, all the "newer" ski models without a waist made their appearance. 


Six home world champions from Pinzgau
After two exciting days of racing, two women from Pinzgau - Julianna Herzog (Kandahar from 1964) and Hannah Kranawendter (Kandahar until 1990) - were crowned world champions.The competition was even stronger in the men's category.But here too, several members of the organisers' club "Leogang ANNO 1900" were able to celebrate: the overall ranking for the ski pioneers was completely in Pinzgau hands with Gerhard Ortner (until 1965) and Erich Untermoser (from 1965).In the Kandahar category there were two more local world champions, Hannes Müllauer (until 1990) and Anton Herzog (from 1964)."The Nostalgia World Ski Championships were once again a real highlight this year and the feedback from participants was consistently positive.Even though there are several nostalgia races, the atmosphere and organisation in Saalfelden Leogang is unique.A big thank you to all the staff, without whom such an event would not be possible." says Herbert Unterweger from the "Leogang ANNO 1900" association, summarising the event with satisfaction.