Gravity Card Price

Gravity Card
€ 599,00
€ 449,00
€ 299,00


The members of Gravity Card are self regulating and legally independent in their operation of respective cable cars and lifts, as well as bike parks and down hill runs. The purchase of a Gravity season card entitles the guest to use all included lifts and leisure facilities in the summer season (Gravity Card is not valid as a ski ticket); the actual service level agreement is dependent on the corresponding company whose facilities are currently being used (the terms and conditions of the respective company apply). Any liability towards guests, whether contractually or legally, for incidents that may arise in the use of cable cars and lifts, as well as bike parks and downhill runs, concern only the company in whose area of responsibility any incident occurs. There is no liability on the part of the other Gravity partners. In case of injury a refund of the Gravity Card is possible within 9 weeks from the date of purchase. A refund requires a medical confirmation from a local doctor in original and the Gravity Card. Calculation ends at the date when the card is returned to the current bike park. If you lose your Gravity Card, go into any Gravity Card partner business to register the card´s loss and get it cancelled. You need to provide proof of your identity and pay an administrative charge of € 25,00 and a replacement Gravity Card will then be issued, at the earliest on the following day. All Gravity Card holders must take care of their card to avoid third parties having access to it. No replacement will be issued if you forget to bring your card with you. Gravity Cards are not transferable. Abuse leads to the immediate withdrawal of the card.
In the limited Adidas / Five Ten Package is a reduced Ticket included, which is worth €235,00 for all age groups. This is the calculation base for an eventual refund. The package was available in combination with the strictly limited Adidas Five Ten Package which was only available in the webshop of the Adidas AG for a limited period, and which is already sold out. Refunds can only be handled via email ( by communicating the voucher code.

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