Leogang lift company to use plant fuel from next winter

Thursday, 23.03.2023

Leogang lift company to use plant fuel from next winter

“Energy transition” is a burning issue at the moment, and in Saalfelden Leogang it’s one that is being tackled with complete commitment: the Leogang lift company has chosen to purchase HVO100 regenerative fuel for its entire fuel reserves for the 2023/2024 winter season,. This means no fossil fuels and a saving of up to 90% in CO₂ emissions. In doing so, the lift company is taking a leading role concerning sustainability and the conservation of resources.

The first ski area in Austria with up to 90% less CO₂ emissions

The Leogang lift company gets through about 220,000 litres of fuel in running its piste bashers and other powered vehicles, including tractors. In the 2022/2023 winter season the lift company changed its fuel to synthetic GTL diesel, and now it is switching completely to HVO100 regenerative fuel, a fuel that is produced 100% from renewable resources. By making the change, the Leogang lift company will save up to 90% of its CO₂ emissions and will be the first ski area in Austria to do so. What’s more, no alterations need be made to the piste bashers and other vehicles to make the change, they just need to have their fuel tanks completely emptied and cleaned in preparation.

“For more than 15 years the Leogang lift company has been active in its commitment to sustainability. We have already tackled issues such as our energy sources and energy efficiency, and now, with this new HVO fuel from plant oils and biomass plant waste, it is possible for us to run all of our diesel piste bashers and other vehicles on a fuel that is practically  CO₂-neutral” says Kornel Grunder, Director of the Leogang lift company. “Our vehicles are used deep within the natural environment, and it is therefore very important for us to be sustainable and to make an important contribution to preserving the environment.”

Dr. Wilfried Haslauer, Salzburg’s first minister says: “By changing from diesel to sustainable HVO fuel made from plant oil, the Leogang lift company is a wonderful example of how to go about energy transition. In doing so, from next winter season a large proportion of greenhouse gases will be saved. By taking this step, the lift company is also underpinning its role as a leading role model in the ambitious climate and energy strategy SALZBURG 2050.”

As early as 2006, the Leogang lift company started investing projects in energy efficiency, sustainability, and conservation of resources, including participating in lighthouse projects such as “Clean Energy For Tourism” (CE4T) and was the first lift company to be a partner in the “climate and energy strategy Salzburg 2050” initiative. In 2017, the Leogang lift company was one of 8 Salzburg businesses to receive the Salzburg Environmental “Umweltblatt” award for together managing to save 1700 tonnes of CO₂ emissions a year.

Hydrotreated Plant Oil: HVO-fuel

Many people won’t yet have heard of HVO fuel, but you are sure to hear about it more and more in future. HVO stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. To produce this type of fuel, plant oils are used, as are oil and fat waste products such as for example used cooking oil or deep fat frying oil from kitchens and snack bars. It is manufactured completely from renewable, organic resources. The plant oil is cleaned, then treated at high temperature with hydrogen, which makes it usable as a fuel.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer the Leogang lift company the sustainable possibility of significantly reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of their entire vehicle fleet. Using HVO100 Regenerativ from EnergieDirect is great way for the Leogang lift company to tackle their ambitious targets in environmental conservation,” says Hans-Peter Hintermayer, director of EnergieDirect Austria GmbH.

Further information: www.saalfelden-leogang.com

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In photo from left to right: Werner Brüggler – EnergieDirect Austria GmbH, Michael Dusek – EnergieDirect Austria GmbH, Dr. Wilfried Haslauer – Landeshauptmann Salzburg, Anton Hörl – Geschäftsführer Leoganger Bergbahnen GmbH, Camilla Schwabl – Saalbach, Kornel Grundner – Geschäftsführer Leoganger Bergbahnen GmbH

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