First news of 41st Jazzfestival 2021

Friday, 16.04.2021

First news of 41st Jazzfestival 2021

Against all odds, we were able to successfully host our Jazz Weekender in August 2020. This year, we are heading towards more “normal” conditions, even though the exact meaning of “normal” remains to be determined. Since we do not know what kind of governmental safety regulations will be in place in the summer, we have yet to decide on the exact set-up of the festival, specifically our sitting and standing room capacities at different venues. That is why ticket sales still remain on hold.

What’s certain is that the 41st Saalfelden Jazz Festival will take place from August 16 to 22, 2021. On Monday, we will kick off the festival with musical walks, concerts in the mountains, and evening performances at Kunsthaus Nexus. Starting on Thursday, we will launch the Short Cuts concert series at the Nexus. Concurrently, musical encounters will take place at the Fuchs Bookbindery. Our city park will turn into an outdoor stage and meeting place for international and local visitors. From Friday to Sunday, four national and international bands will take the main stage at the Saalfelden Conference Center.

We are looking forward to welcoming audiences to about 60 concerts featuring Anna Högberg, Angelika Niescier, the Kaja Draksler Octet, and Chuffdrone. Other highlights include artist-in-residence Christian Reiner performing five of his projects and KUU! and Edi Nulz presenting their new albums. Our program also features The True Harry Nulz, Dell/Lillinger/Westergaard, Katharina Ernst, Alexander Hawkins, GeoGeMa, Dsilton, Punkt.Vrt.Plastik, AHL6, and many more.

This year’s visual leitmotif was created by Salzburg artist Gottfried Goiginger. The motif of the dense jungle reflects the versatility of improvised music and the jazz genre. It is that fertile soil from which something new keeps growing and coming into contact with each other.