Vernissage with Hannes Seebacher

This event has already taken place.
Vernissage with the Tyrolean artist Hannes Seebacher and his series "AnimaminA".

"Whisper to the rocks, in the hidden something listens, receives the word, carries it on and completes it. "Ailo Gaup

ANIMAMINA - Soul Body/Body Soul & Anima - the Feminine in the Masculine

In order to achieve the best possible expression in his works, the artist Hannes Seebacher, born in 1969 in Tyrol, uses a wide variety of media.

In his AnimaminA series, the basis for these prints is the photograph.
The icebergs photographed in high contrast monochrome in Scoresbysund/East Greenland in 2019 were graphically mirrored at the waterline and altered so that they are no longer recognisable as such at first glance.

AnimaminA is a word invented from this approach, a made-up word that refers to the Inuit cultures that lived there nomadically in earlier times. The view of the world, of the life of these cultures is called "primitive animism".
and says that everything in nature is animated.

For Seebacher, this is neither primitive nor a belief, because his worldview connects everything with everything else.
Seebacher sees climate change as earth-historically rhythmic, cyclical and in the true sense of the word "apocalyptic" .... namely "the lifting of the veil".
The rapid change of the Arctic systems, the melting of the ice, is for him a mirror of the change, the upheaval of "our socially established systems"!
"We are currently experiencing the fundamental upheaval of these systems, such as science, religion, politics, culture, all the way to self-perception !"

Admission is free.
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