TONspur trifft SCHIspur with Kapelle SO&SO feat. Huber Wast

Auf Wiederkaun" - The Nativity Story from the Perspective of Ox and Donkey.

Whether child or old man, Christian or atheist, everyone knows the story of Mary and Joseph, but finally someone is giving the four-legged protagonists of the Christmas story the attention they deserve. Ox and Donkey, the good-natured ruminant and his wise friend, tell their view of the biblical events, including all the hustle and bustle in Bethlehem, where their modest stable was suddenly converted into a delivery room. They play - at least from their modest perspective in the stable - an indispensable role in the Christmas story. Yes, it was only their actions that made the smooth running of Christ's birth possible. A Christmas story written, illustrated and read aloud from the accompanying audio book by graphic artist, author and actor Huber Wast from Breitbrunn am Chiemsee, musically enhanced by the So&So band.

Johann Auer - Diaton, Harmonica, vocals
Michael Graf - guitar, vocals
Joschi Öttl - flugelhorn, vocals
Sebastian Höglauer - flugelhorn, vocals
Stefan Huber - tuba, vocals
Manuel Haitzmann - bass trumpet, vocals

Starting time concert: 08.00 pm | Ascent with Asitz lift from 05.30 - 07.00 pm, descent from end of concert until 10.30 pm.

The advance ticket sale begins on 06.11.2023.
The tickets are available the cash desk of Steinberg lift.
08. December 2023
20:00 O'clock