TONspur concert II - Steve'n'Seagulls

“Music clears the dust of everyday life from the soul.” (Berthold Auerbach)

Steve´N´Seagulls are a Finnish band, playing bluegrass versions of great classic rock songs, employing the use of an incredible array of acoustic instruments. Dressed in jeans, overalls, and redneck hats, the Seagulls come across as friendly folk from the mountains who like nothing more than driving tractors and having barbecues. The progressive bluegrass band, perhaps better described as newgrass, is a musical messenger from the high North. Their energetic live show has an element of special Scandinavian humour that has brought the band international fame. An incomparable mix that people have never experienced before.

Everything began with a YouTube upload of their interpretation of the AC/DC classic “Thunderstruck”. The band soon had the shock of their lives when in a very short time the video had received several million views. After more videos, the ball started rolling and Steve´N´Seagulls became an Internet sensation. In the meantime, the band are looking at 200 million YouTube views! The explosion in popularity of the band led to a recording contract, more videos, and hundreds of live shows all around the world.

At the start of 2020, the Seagulls entered the recording studio and completed their 4th album, containing even more of their own songs, but also newly arranged and interpreted classics of the world’s best bands. In this way, they can portray themselves in a new way, but without neglecting their roots. (Source: Press text)

Steve´N´Seagulls, the band from the high North that plays music from the heart. Our instruments range from banjo, accordion, and acoustic guitar through to drums and double bass. Sometimes organ and flute play a part…. We like having a good time…” (Quote Homepage).

Their 2023 tour brought them from Finland and Sweden to France, Spain, Mexico, and the TONspur-stage!

Remmel: Voice, acoustic guitar, balalaika, mandolin
Skubu: Drums, percussion, voice
Jamppa: Double bass, stringed instruments, voice
Hiltunen: Accordion, mandolin, kantele, keys, flute
Herman: Banjo, voice, acoustic guitar
TONspur Bühne am Asitz
13. July 2023
Hütten 39
5771 Leogang