Theatre "PARADIES" in German language

World premiere and German-language premiere.

What do you find "unusual"? That I talk about sex? Do you find it "unseemly", "inappropriate"? For a granny? I can reassure you, I also bake cakes, lay patience and watch the Bergdoktor. Yes! You feel better now, don't you?

6 o'clock in the morning in a discotheque: A young man, Emil, meets a much older lady, Finy. He has his life ahead of him, she could already be dead. He stands alone at the edge of the dance floor, she has been dancing all night. When she approaches him, he doesn't know how to react. Is she flirting with him? She could be his great-grandmother! The two start talking to each other and don't notice that the discotheque is closing ...

Old people are hardly noticed in our society. And if they are, they have either already died or are put in an old people's home. Finy breaks out because she wants to make decisions for herself - especially those concerning love, sexual desire included. She confronts Emil with the sexuality of people in their 4th year - and for the first time he sees his own grandmother in a completely different light. It becomes an eye-opening night for Emil.

The play exposes a taboo in our society and is at the same time a touching story about the coming together of two people whose lives could not be more different. Robert-Espalieu translates the confrontation and inner resistance of the characters with linguistic precision and shows the great social challenge facing our increasingly ageing society.

Emmanuel Robert-Espalieu is an author and director. His numerous plays - from absurdist comedy to historical drama - have been performed regularly in Paris, at festivals such as Avignon and Grignan, and abroad since 2006. Robert-Espalieu loves to tell in his plays about the feelings that connect us humans. He pays particular attention to our small weaknesses and everyday paradoxes. After C'était quand la dernière fois (Eng: The Last Time) and Un aller simple pour la lune (Eng: One-Way Ticket to the Moon), Paradis (Eng: Paradise) is Robert Espalieu's third play to be translated into German.

Complemented by the revival of Russische Nationalpost by Oleg Bogaev, whose plays have since been banned in Russia, it addresses the theme of loneliness in old age from a completely different angle with a great deal of humour.

Production: Gerard Es
Acting: Daniela Enzi, Alexander Lughofer

Performing rights: Schultz und Schirm
02. June - 03. June 2023
Friday, Saturday
20:00 O'clock
Am Postplatz 1
5760 Saalfelden