Theatre "ALAADDIN UND DIE WUNDERLAMPE" in German language

after Antoine Galland

Dramatisation by Annette Raffalt.

Inclusive family play in the circus tent with drama, acrobatics and live music for everyone aged 6 and over.

Does everything change when you have a magic lamp? Are three wishes enough? Alaaddin and Princess Djamila are unhappy where they are. One is a poor impostor from the street, the other trapped in the palace, locked in obligations and traditions. Both long to break out. A great adventure begins around a power-mad magician, an overburdened sultan and, of course, with a magic lamp spirit. Djamila and Alaaddin soon find out that they will only fulfil their greatest wishes by their own efforts. But now three wishes remain unfulfilled...

"The most famous story from 1001 Nights does not come from the Middle East at all, but from the pen of the French translator Antoine Galland. And that's why we're retelling the plot as a shared play and remembrance." Annette Raffalt

The tale, which was not originally included in the collection Tales of the Thousand and One Nights, is said to have originated in Aleppo (Syria). We would like to retell the story, which seems problematic to us and is known mainly from Disney films, with a diverse ensemble as a story of emancipation and empowerment.

The version adapted by Annette Raffalt can play anywhere. And is Alaaddin possibly a woman?

Performances are planned in the Circus Tent in Virgilpark in Salzburg, in Bad Goisern and in Leogang from early summer to autumn 2023. In December 2023, the performance will move to OVAL - Die Bühne im EUROPARK.

An inclusive ensemble of acrobats, musicians and actors will perform.

Production: Reinhold Tritscher

Performing rights: S. Fischer, Theatre and Media, Frankfurt am Main
20. October - 28. October 2023
Monday, Tuesday
10:00 O'clock
20. October - 28. October 2023
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
17:00 O'clock
Rosental 86
5771 Leogang