Sašo Avsenik und seine Oberkrainer

Sašo Avsenik is the grandson of Slavko Avsenik, the founding father of Oberkrainer music. In 2009 he opened a new chapter with his young group when he decided to follow in the footsteps of his famous grandfather Slavko Avsenik. From the Slovenian home village of Begunje, the "cradle of Oberkrainer", seven young musicians have since set out to pursue their musical passion and carry on the tradition of this captivating music.

The combination of tradition and youthfulness, paired with an incredible portion of musicality and diligence proves to be a real recipe for success: 2019 already saw the celebration of the 10th anniversary!

Look forward to a firework of Oberkrainer music! 100% live, handmade and authentic.

In good weather in the AltenSchmiede and in rainy weather in the AsitzBräu.
20. May 2024
11:00 O'clock