Rokc Music

This event has already taken place.
USA, Finland, Germany

Chris Pitsiokos - saxophone
Ronny Graupe - guitar
Kalle Kalima - guitar
Oli Steidle - drums, percussion

New Wave, punk, hip hop, hardcore and progressive rock with detours into "new music", dub, rock, noise and other current trends. And Jazz, of course. There are no limits to the imagination of Rokc Music – improvisation is not an end in itself here but "serves" the respective mood and message of their original pieces. It's about how you play, not what. The saxophonist from Brooklyn, two guitarists from Berlin (one via Helsinki) and a pope-killing drummer, also from Berlin, create a sound that is “transparent, transparent, but still full and warm in all frequencies that support their melodies, rhythms and noises”. And that rokcs.
Otto Gruber Halle
Mittergasse 18
5760 Saalfelden