Ralph Mothwurf Orchestra

This event has already taken place.

Ralph Mothwurf - conductor, composition
Yvonne Moriel - saxophone
Stepan Flagar - saxophone
Martin Eberle - trumpet
Markus Pechmann - trumpet
Georg Schrattenholzer - trombone
Christina Lachberger – bass trombone
Joanna Lewis - violin
Marianna Oczkowska - violin
Ulrike Greuter - violin
Simon Schellnegger - viola
Jelena Poprzan - viola
Marta Kordykiewicz - cello
Simon Raab - piano
Irene Manolova - marimba
Max Kanzler - drums
Andreas Lettner – drums
Tobias Vedovelli - bass

"Zelt", meaning „tent“, was the debut album of this Austrian ensemble under the direction of the Viennese composer and conductor Ralph Mothwurf and became "Album of the Year" for Deutschlandfunk in 2021. Influenced by Bob Brookmeyer, Ligeti and Kendrick Lamarr, also known from his work with "Yasmo & die Klangkantine", the 35-year-old and his orchestra are dedicated to "the fusion of contemporary modern and improvised music forms". In concrete terms: Mothwurf writes electroacoustic compositions on groups of instruments in such a way that they “act almost like synthesizers and can thus carry out complex sound processes”.
Congress Saalfelden
Stadtplatz 2
5760 Saalfelden