Nenda & Gilewicz


Nenda Neururer - voice
Lukas Gander - voice
Georg Gruber - guitar
Thomas Krug - guitar
Julian Freisinger - bass
Paul Heidler - drums

"In a country with so many mountains, it's hard to go beyond your borders," sings Nenda in her FM4 radio-hit "Mixed Feelings". Since 2017, the rapper, singer and guitarist from the Tyrolian Ötztal has been living and working as an actress in her adopted home of London, often in the West End or in TV series such as "The Rising". As she has been friends with the musicians from Gilewicz since her youth, for the past two years they have enjoyed performing a joint program on stage, singing and rapping in English, German or Tyrolean about the astronomical themes of the Gilewicz album "planets and stuff" or the rather worldly emotional turmoil of Nenda's "Champagne Time".
Kunsthaus Nexus
24. August 2024
21:00 O'clock
Duration: 1 Hour
Am Postplatz 1
5760 Saalfelden