Marc Ducret: Mainstage - Jazzfestival 2013

This event has already taken place.
France, USA, Denmark

Marc Ducret - guitar, composition
Kasper Tranberg - trumpet
Dominique Pifarély - violin
Tim Berne - alto saxophone
Matthias Mahler - trombone
Fidel Fourneyron - trombone
Alexis Persigan - trombone
Frédéric Gastard - bass saxophone
Antonin Rayon - piano
Sylvain Lemêtre - percussion
Tom Rainey - drums
Peter Bruun - drums

Three Perspectives – One Story
Marc Ducret accomplishes in musical form what Vladimir Nabokov created in his novel Ada by playing with literary styles of storytelling, shifts in perspective, flashbacks, and interlinkages.
Twelve musicians form three different ensembles, each with a distinctively unique take; only guitarist Marc Ducret belongs to all three. The big union occurs in the project Tower
Congress Saalfeden
Day of Event
Mittergasse 21a
5760 Saalfelden

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