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Florian Walter – saxophone
Axel Zajac – guitar
Jo Beyer - drums

"The mask requirement-refusal-incidence-supporter-lockdown-AHA-belief-doubt-strategy" is the name of a song on "Klaus Dieter", the current, fourth album by this trio. Sounds too onomatopoeic to you? Take this: "It's like having a drill hole in your head and injecting an energy drink right into your cerebral cortex," writes Jazz Tokyo's Takeshi Goda. Malstrom, who won the Burghausen Festival's Young Talent Award in 2015, is the brainchild of guitarist Axel Zajac, whose eponymous tidal current is twirled here alongside historian, drink-hall tour manager and saxophonist Florian Walter, and drum phenomenon Jo Beyer.

Free kick-off concert in the Otto Gruber Hall.

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Otto Gruber Halle
Mittergasse 18
5760 Saalfelden