Exclusive mountain tour with local mountain guide

Mountaineering on the highest and most impressive peaks of the Leoganger Steinberge and in the Steinernen Meer. Professionally guided and secured by an authorized mountain guide from the region. 

Duration 5 - 10 hours, depending on the tour. 

Alternative dates are possible by individual arrangement. 


Tour and meeting point will be agreed individually. 

Eastern Mitterhorn (2171m) normal route (T4*, 5-6h), Leoganger Steinberge / Lettlkaserhütte 

Hochkranz (1953m) east ridge and normal route (T5*, 5-6h), Steinberg region with magnificent mountain panorama / Kallbrunnalm 

Breithorn (2504m) normal route (T3*, 6-7h), Steinernes Meer / Riemannhaus 

Hochzint (2246m) normal route (T4*, 6-7h), Leoganger Steinberge / Passauerhütte 

Breithorn (2504m) south ridge ascent (T6*, 6-7h), Steinernes Meer / Riemannhaus 

Schönfeldspitze (2653m) west ascent (T5*, 7-8h), Steinernes Meer / Riemannhaus 

Crossing the eastern Leoganger Steinberge (T6*, 7-8h), Ullach (884m) - Passauerhütte (2051m) - Mitterspitze (2171m) - Mitterhorn (2206m) - Lettlkaserhütte (1441m) - Ullach (884m) 

Birnhorn (2634m) south face trail and normal route (T4*, 8-9h), Leoganger Steinberge / Passauerhütte 

Birnhorn (2634m) southwest ridge (T5*, 8-9h), Leoganger Steinbergen / Passauerhütte 

Crossing in the Steinernes Meer (T5*, 8-9h), Krallerwinkl (895m) - Buchauerscharte (2269m) - Schönfeldspitze (2653m) - Wurmkopf (2451m) - Schönegg (2390m) - Riemannhaus (2177m) - Stablerau (1165m) 

Crossing in the Steinernes Meer (T6*, 8-9h), Bachwinkel (850m) - Peter-Wiechenthalerhütte (1707m) - Persailhorn (2347m) - Mitterhorn (2491m) - Breithorn (2504m) - Riemannhaus (2177m) - Stablerau (1165m) 

Crossing the western Leoganger Steinberge (T4*, 9-10h), Grießen (960m) - Hochbrett (2470m) - Hundshörndl (2482m) - Scharleithörner (2461m) - Riedlalm (1224m) - Sonnberg (951m) 


The mountain guide rate is €480 per day and includes tour organization and guidance for 1-2 people as well as the necessary safety equipment. For extremely long tours and for each additional person, an additional charge will be made. 

The necessary safety equipment (climbing harness, safety helmet, climbing rope, safety device and carabiner) is provided on site free of charge. 

Information and registration by email or telephone. 

> guide@mountain-mystics.at 

> +43 664 4505969 

Please provide a mobile phone number and the names of the participants. 

* Difficulty rating of mountain hiking trails: T1 hiking trail, T2 mountain hiking trail, T3 challenging mountain hiking trail, T4 alpine mountain hiking trail, T5 alpine path, T6 pathless alpine path