DrawNotes by Henning Bolte

This event has already taken place.
DrawNotes is the title of a series of fully improvised artworks by Henning Bolte (Amsterdam) created synchronously with musical performances in situ at a great variety of Jazz Festivals and venues all over Europe in recent years: visual expressions of his listening experiences. In the wake of former festival concerts at Fuchs’ bookbindery, Bolte discovered the miracles of the historic artisanal machinery of the printing house. Overwhelmed and attracted by the craftsmanship, aesthetic variety and fabricable shapes of books, he joined forces with Christian Fuchs, the master. Together with him and Ivana Đukić from Amsterdam a Saalfelden package of the artworks was designed and produced by the ‘blue’ printing house in Saalfelden. It will be presented (also with an exhibition) at this year’s festival after the concert of Tilo Weber’s Tesserae Trio with Elias Stemeseder and Petter Eldh at Fuchs. It tells a story about this happy collaboration, about years of roaming along Jazz Festivals across Europe, now 'documented' in the package, and about a deep desire to return to analog physical design and tangible objects with a different concentration of beholding.
Buchbinderei Fuchs
Zeller Bundesstraße 4
5760 Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer