Concert V - Roland Neuwirth & Die Wiener Theatermusiker

This event has already taken place.
“Music and song - the greatest friends anyone could hope for” (Goethe)

A musical foray through the local surroundings.
Tscho Theissing is a violinist, composer, arranger, and above all jazz musician. He’s already done everything you could possibly think of, such as for example playing for many years with the group Extremschrammeln. Roland Neuwirth is a similar case.
What few people know is that Neuwirth has been very active both as a composer and poet. Both of them have one thing in common though, their love of Viennese music. It was through this book very encountered one another.
They chatted:
Viennese music… recognisable by everyone from its first bar. But how is this the case? What is typical about it? More importantly, is it still alive, or did it end with Schubert, Lanner, and Strauß?
Herr Theissing says no. And Neuwirth has always said no anyway, as we know, not only pointing to his own classics, but also in his continual discovery of new ones. The same goes for his friend Tscho Theissing. It’s much more fun when there are 2 of you! The foray ended up being much longer than they imagined, with the local surroundings stretching a great distance, leading over time through many generations down to us.
Tscho Theissing is bringing a fantastic ensemble with him. The first violinist takes up her bow… they play…. Simply amazing, these Lanner pieces! And now Schubert! And now… CAREFUL! – what? – VIENNA, FRESHLY PAINTED! (press text)

Roland Neuwirth – voice, composition, concept
Tscho Theissing – concept, composition, arrangements, musical direction
Die Wiener Theatermusiker: Bettina Gradinger – violin
Igmar Jenner – violin
Clara Schwaiger – viola
Lilli Sánchez Herrera – double bass
Gerald Preinfalk – clarinets, saxophone
TONspur Bühne am Asitz

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