Cargobike Roadshow

The Cargobike Roadshow offers twelve different electric transport bikes from twelve manufacturers for extensive testing. In addition, there will be detailed advice from the experts of the roadshow team. The event is made possible by support from the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund as part of the European Mobility Week 2022.

Among the test bikes at the Cargobike Roadshow are two- and three-wheeled models, exciting market innovations as well as proven classics. All test bikes have an e-drive that supports up to a maximum of 25 km/h and are equipped for private use and child transport. There will also be a rickshaw for seniors. Business owners are also invited to test the bikes. Most of the test bikes are also available with transport bodies for commercial use.

The test offer is free of charge. Prior registration and previous experience with transport bikes are not required. Just drop by! Helmets for children are available on site, because helmets are also compulsory on transport bikes up to the age of 12.
City hall square Saalfelden
Day of Event
Dorfheimerstr.53 e
5760 Saalfelden am Steinernern Meer

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