Brainteaser Orchestra


Tijn Wybenga - composer & conductor 
Alistair Payne - trumpet  
Kika Sprangers - alto sax  
Nabou Claerhout - trombone  
Federico Calcagnot - bass clarinet
Pablo Rodriguez - violin  
Yanna Pelser - viola 
George Dumitiriu - viola
'Pau Sola - cello
Teis Semey - guitar 
Alessandro Fongaro - bass 
Jamie Peet - drums 
Aleksander Sever - percussion

Something is happening in Amsterdam, world capital of bridges and blunts. Composer and bandleader Tijn Wibenga, the “Duke Electronington” of the Dutch scene, samples the solo voices of his all-stars to create ever new sound sculptures that their creators then piece together again live. The brain-stimulating sounds of their debut album made it “Best International Debut Album” at the German Jazz Prize 2021, which is why the ensemble formerly called AM.OK is now performing as the “Brainteaser Orchestra”. Even before premiering their new program for the BIMHUIS's birthday in October, this thirteen-headed hydra will present its newest and most outrageous offerings in Saalfelden. (With a possible surprise guest on violin.)
Congress Saalfelden
24. August 2024
15:30 O'clock
Duration: 1 Hour
Stadtplatz 2
5760 Saalfelden