Bike Park Schnuppertag


Control, safety and lots of fun! Here you will learn all the important skills in small groups for better control on your bike! Our beginner courses are primarily about the playful teaching of techniques that are then necessary and essential when driving on the routes.

Our sport is one of the extreme sports, which is why our courses are NEVER about the meters and vertical meters or the number of routes traveled, but about learning essential techniques that can later be built on in order to safely complete the bike park routes. In contrast to the ski course, the instructor cannot take you down with assistance of a plow. Braking exercises are therefore a major part of this course.

Goal: All bike park basics, curves, correct braking, berms, steering technique, steep curves, overcoming obstacles safely, first small jumping techniques and much more!

You need: Downhill, Freeride or Enduro Bike, a youth freeride bike, full-face helmet, safety set, Bike Park Leogang day ticket required!

When: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Start: 10:00 - 15:00 hrs

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Stockis Brennereiführung

16. March 2023 - 16. March 2030

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