ALM:KULTUR: Concert "Paris Lodron Music Ensemble"

Reinhold Wieser - trumpet, flugelhorn
Jürgen Holzer - tuba
Gerold Weinberger - trumpet, flugelhorn
Christian Hörbiger - trombone, alphorn
Markus Hauser - french horn, alhorn

In 1987, the Salzburg ensemble, which is now known far beyond its borders, was founded by Reinhold Wieser from Salzburg.
Concert tours have taken the five enthusiastic musicians to Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Russia, China and the USA since 1987. The ensemble has made a name for itself especially through its charming and witty performances with very high musical quality on many stages around the world.


No registration required, free admission! Table reservation at the Steinalm is recommended.
14. July 2023
13:00 O'clock
Duration: 3 Hours
5760 Saalfelden am Steinernern Meer