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IGGI Fashion


Lofererstraße 50 D
5760 Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer

Homemade clothes
Fashion meets tradition
New & unique

Additional Events

Dorfer Web

Alfred Dorfer - "und..."

04. November 2021

Weekly marked saalfelden

The varied offer ranges from regional delicacies and high-quality, sustainably produced foodstuffs to lovingly crafted handicrafts. Both locals and...
09. April - 29. October 2021
Langlaufen (c)Sportalpen

Salzburg AG National Championship and National Cup

with rating to the Sport Grossegger regional Cup. Type of sport: cross-country skiing Discipline: Single start (freestyle) Race type:...
07. February 2021

Temple 1

Mario Rom - trumpet Fabian Rucker - saxophones Philipp Nykrin - fender rhodes/synth Beate Wiesinger - bass Lukas König - drums Music...
23. August 2020
Max Nagl Trio

Max Nagl Trio

Max Nagl - saxophon Clemens Wenger - keys Herbert Pirker- drums “My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.” The attitude for "Moped"...
22. August 2020
Concrete Armadillo

Concrete Armadillo

Austria Severin Trogbacher- guitar Philipp Nykrin – keys Herbert Pirker – drums Concrete has to harden, we ask for your...
23. August 2020
Olesya Parfenyuk

Alicia Edelweiss & Band

Alicia Edelweiss - voice, accordion, guitar, ukulele Lukas Lauermann - cello Matthias Frey - voice, violin Mihoko Ikezawa - voice, viola Stefan...
22. August 2020
Karl Ritter

Karl Ritter

„Sound Ritual“ Austria Karl Ritter – guitar Sound ritual is a multi-faceted examination of the phenomenon of waves, the analogies...
21. August 2020

Impro Session Rucker / Haker Flaten / Koenig

Austria, Norway Fabian Rucker – saxophone Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – bass Lukas König - drums All concerts are conducted in accordance...
21. August 2020

Grencsó Collective Special 5 & Ken Vandermark "Do not slam the Door!"

Hungary, USA István Grencsó – tenor & alto sax, clarinet, flute Ken Vandermark – tenor sax, clarinet Stevan Kovács Tickmayer –...
17. January 2020
Frode Haltli | © Knut Utler

Frode Haltli

Frode Haltli “Avant Folk” Norway   Frode Haltli – accordion Erlend Apneseth – hardanger fiddle Hans P. Kjorstad – violin...
25. August 2019

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