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die JaSagerin

We want to be the only bride and ball shop in Pinzgau with a lot of passion
and empathy find the perfect dress for you!

Opening hours
All year 10:00 - 15:00o'clock. Tuesday, Saturday.
All year 10:00 - 19:00o'clock. Thursday.
All year 10:00 - 18:00o'clock. Friday.
Lofererstr. 40
5760 Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer

A dress is something unique and gives us women a very special feeling of femininity.
We love clothes and find that they are worn far too rarely, especially here in the countryside.

After all the years of dreaming and waiting, a door has opened for us, mother and daughter.
With much courage, attention to detail and our conviction the JaSagerin was born.


In the JaSagerin we have not only beautiful clothes, but the most beautiful
and of course the most important dress in a woman's life.
We want to be the only bride and ball shop in Pinzgau with a lot of passion
and empathy find the perfect dress for you!
It does not matter if you as a bride take the step into a new life,
or you want to indulge in the dream of a ball night

Additional Events

(c)Foto Bauer

Concert from young musicans at Huggenberg

September 9th, 2018 at 11.00 am Concert at Berggasthof Huggenberg Young musicians play a concert. Also a fantastic view and the culinary...
11. September 2022
Der Drachenberg

The dragon mountain

An imaginative story from the vast mysterious land of "Under Heaven" about the brave Tjan Tai who rescues his beloved Mei Lin from the clutches of...
13. December 2021
10_Vernissage_Leben erzählen2_cJutta Benzenberg

AUSTELLUNG: Leben erzählen

02. October - 30. November 2021

Sunrise Hiking Tour

Sunrise walk through the forest over the fairy tail meadow to Huggenberg and further up to the "Bärli" Durration: app. 4.00 h Booking: until...
20. May - 31. October 2021

Healthy Move

In the nature we move our body and wake up the tired bones.  :: start: 8.00 a.m., 1 houre -------- meeting point: Park Saalfelden costs: free...
21. May - 31. October 2021
10_The Father02_tobis_film

The Father

21. October 2021
10_Kasperl_Puppentheater Sindri Kopie
10_MWZ_Gazelle&theBear_cHanna Fasching Kopie

Musikwohnzimmer: GAZELLE & THE BEAR

09. October - 20. October 2021

Horse-drawn carriage ride

FAMILY TIP Meeting point: Parking area Hotel Ritzenhof Tour: lake Ritzensee - Kollingwald - Breitenbergham (1 hour) Afterwards you can visit the...
21. May - 31. October 2021


The unique professional orientation event in Saalfelden is the ideal setting for local companies, companies, secondary schools and institutions to...
07. October - 08. October 2021

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