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die JaSagerin

We want to be the only bride and ball shop in Pinzgau with a lot of passion
and empathy find the perfect dress for you!

Opening hours
All year 10:00 - 15:00o'clock. Tuesday, Saturday.
All year 10:00 - 19:00o'clock. Thursday.
All year 10:00 - 18:00o'clock. Friday.
Lofererstr. 40
5760 Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer

A dress is something unique and gives us women a very special feeling of femininity.
We love clothes and find that they are worn far too rarely, especially here in the countryside.

After all the years of dreaming and waiting, a door has opened for us, mother and daughter.
With much courage, attention to detail and our conviction the JaSagerin was born.


In the JaSagerin we have not only beautiful clothes, but the most beautiful
and of course the most important dress in a woman's life.
We want to be the only bride and ball shop in Pinzgau with a lot of passion
and empathy find the perfect dress for you!
It does not matter if you as a bride take the step into a new life,
or you want to indulge in the dream of a ball night

Additional Events


Luis aus Südtirol

23. November 2022

Lake concerts - "Bürgermusik Saalfelden"

We are pleased to announce that the popular lake concerts on Museumsplatz near Ritzensee will take place this summer. Corresponding corona safety...
02. August 2022

Yoga Walk

At a meditating walk through the nature we breathe the fresh air and get new energie with simple yoga asanas. Registration till 4 pm the previous...
20. December 2021 - 04. April 2022
HP Gruber

Monika Gruber

06. March 2022
02_Ronläuftschief_02 © The Walt Disney Comp GmbH

KINDERKINO: Ron läuft schief

24. February 2022

Sunrise Hiking Tour

21. December 2021 - 04. April 2022


20. December 2021 - 03. April 2022
Skimarathon light

Cancelled Skimarathon Light - Skating 10,5km

The race for everyone! The light version of the marathon and half marathon distance takes place for the first time. Now there are no excuses....
06. February 2022

"DEEP POWDER SNOW" Biberg snowshoe hiking tour incl. toboggan run

easy-moderate snow shoe hiking tour to biberg duration: 2 hours, costs: free with the Saalfelden Leogang Card, without the guestcard 30,-...
23. December 2021 - 04. April 2022

romantic horse drawn carriage

Meeting point: Hotel Ritzenhof at the lake Ritzensee tour to the lake Ritzen - Kollingwald - Breitenbergham (1 hour) min. 2 persons Price:...
23. December 2021 - 04. April 2022
02_Billie_01 by 2020Prokino

DOK-Kino: Billie

01. February 2022

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