The race piste at the Almbahn 4-seater (L8) has lots of winding bends and is the highlight on piste 205. What’s more, SkiMovie films you from start to finish down the whole run. You can then send a cool video to friends or share it on the Internet. You start the countdown with your ski pass and afterwards you can analyse your race by entering your ski pass number online or at any of the skiline machines at the bottom lift stations.
This is also where you can download your photo from the PhotoPoint at the top station of the AsitzGipfelbahn 8-seater (L5). You can measure your speed on the Speed Run (piste 215) at a height of about 1800 m on the Asitz. This gives you a great opportunity to put your skis to the test. Simply login using your ski pass at
the start, and you’ll find your Speed Run photo with your actual speed in km/h in your Skiline account online or at any of the Skiline machines.