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The following safety instructions are vital before and after every freeride tour:

  • „Buddy system“! That is to never enter the area on your own.
  • Have you checked the avalanche report? Did you understand it?
  • Weather forecast OK? If necessary, talk to locals.
  • Equipment complete? This includes an avalanche transceiver, a shovel, a probe and a mobile phone.
  • Have you done the avalanche transceiver check? Working with the avalanche transceiver, the probe and the shovel should be practised regularly.
  • Does the group fit my abilities? Or am I forced to carry out dangerous activities?
  • Are other skiers using the same route as me? Always keep an eye on them.
  • If you'd like to explore unknown territories, better book an experienced guide.
  • Keep distance! Start off separately, even on seemingly safe slopes.
  • If you are not sure (or in bad weather and poor visibility): It is better to avoid unsafe runs.
  • Info Links:
    - ​​Portal Alpine Safety
    Ortovox Safety Academy Lab