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NEW: Shinrin yoku - Forest bathing at the Asitz

Take the Steinberg or Asitz lift, float up to a height of 1,762 m, and enjoy the amazing mountain views. 14 stations, which blend in with the forest, invite you to take a little time, meditate and relax on the 8.2 km long hiking trail. Viewpoints, resting areas, nature swings, a yoga space, a treetop bed, and even a  waterfall will help you to recharge your batteries. After a walk down of about 3.5 hours, covering an altitude of 1000 metres, you will arrive at the base station of the Steinberg lift both mentally and physically invigorated.

Inviting you to forest bathe

 Forest bathing is a nature-based method that originated in Japan in the 1980s. Its aim is to relax in and with nature, to slow down and temporarily detach from daily stress of life. With the help of various exercises, you can literally immerse into yourself in the forest atmosphere.

Forest bathing focuses entirely on senses, it is all about seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting the forest.

Pause for a little while, meditate, and relax.


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